Principal's Message

CLC Flourish is all about ‘what’s next'.

I am passionately committed to increasing the number of Beale Awards we can offer to girls who will really seize the opportunity of a College education. Widening access to means-tested bursaries is fundamental to our ethos, and benefits the whole College community, expanding both diversity and educational horizons. When I watch a Beale Award working its magic on the inherent potential of a new pupil, I am humbled by the strength of the community that has helped make it happen.

Philanthropic income allows us to go the extra mile on behalf of our girls, to embrace new ideas and move swiftly with the times. I very much appreciate your continued interest in CLC Flourish.

My sincerest thanks to those who have supported College through their commitment of time, energy, expertise or financial means. Because of your generosity, we can offer our girls a rich and empowering education that extends beyond the bounds of the curriculum. It also means we can plan for an exciting future with great optimism.

I am humbled by the generous contributions you have made over the past few years, despite the pandemic and subsequent economic hardship. On a practical level, this support has gone a long way to alleviating the pressure, and your demonstration of faith in College has also meant a great deal to me personally as we continue to navigate stormy waters together.

Those of you who have seen the Health & Fitness Centre in action will recognise that this is an exceptional facility. We were able to embark on that journey with confidence precisely because we knew we could count on the support of our community: parents (past and present), Guild members and staff. If you are one of those who helped bring this project, or any number of others, to fruition, thank you.

We are also very grateful to friends who have given us the benefit of their advice, particularly through the Professional Guidance Centre (PGC), helping our girls make informed decisions about their university choices and future careers in an increasingly complex world. Your input is invaluable.

Thank you.

Eve Jardine-Young

Photo of Eve by Danielle Salloum (2012, Glengar)