Royal Springboard

The Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation is a charity that partners with select boarding schools to find suitable educational opportunities for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. These pupils come from low-income households; they are (or have been) looked after in the care system; or they are vulnerable; or from areas around the country with high levels of social deprivation.

CLC is one of several high-profile independent boarding schools working with Royal SpringBoard. We look for pupils who could embrace the opportunity of a CLC boarding education and who could also make a positive contribution in the classroom and to our community. Where we offer a place, we take our responsibility to the individual very seriously, providing all the support necessary to ensure that she can adapt and thrive.

Working with Royal SpringBoard helps us identify girls of genuine ability and significant need. Girls like Ona…

Sadly, we are unable to offer as many places as we would like for economic reasons. If you would be interested in helping to fund the education of a talented pupil recommended by Royal SpringBoard and CLC, please contact us.