Regular Giving

Rather than making a single gift, many of our donors choose to give on a monthly or annual basis by Direct Debit or Standing Order. This is a more convenient arrangement for them and it means a great deal to College, allowing us to plan for the future on the basis of a regular income.

As with a single gift, you can choose to support the area of greatest need, allowing College to allocate the funds according to our current priority. Alternatively, you can choose to support means-tested bursaries through the Beale Awards, or one of the specific areas of interest that we have identified, such as Science and Technology or Heritage.

During our Telephone Campaigns, we promote regular giving as a way of funding smaller projects that are achievable as part of the campaign and will have an immediate and tangible impact on today’s pupils. Gifts that are established through these telephone conversations are a powerful reminder that many people giving together can have a great and lasting impact at College. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in one of these campaigns.

If you would like to set up or re-establish a regular gift to CLC, please click on the link below, or contact us to discuss regular giving in more detail.