A hardship grant is made in exceptional cases where a family has fallen on hard times and is unable to continue paying the agreed level of school fees. In the most difficult of circumstances, and with the help of our donor community, College can prevent a student from having to leave College and suffer disruption to her studies.

One Guild member who received hardship assistance in the Sixth Form remembers how she felt at the time:

“ It was such a relief not to have to start afresh. It was really important to me to stay put in an environment that was familiar, and where I was surrounded by teachers who knew me. They were kind and supportive, and no-one passed judgement on what was going on at home… Who knows how I would have fared elsewhere, but I’m really glad that I didn’t have to find out.”

Hardship applications are means-tested through a rigorous and continual process of assessment to ensure that our funds are applied wisely. Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, the call on our resources has increased significantly, so we are fundraising to boost College’s ability to respond.

Hardship differs from a Beale Award which is based on academic merit and may be offered when a student enters College or starts in a new Division, eg. Sixth Form.

It is hard to overstate the appreciation of our families for this timely help when they are at a low ebb. And it is equally hard to overstate the difference that it makes to their daughters to be able to continue their education and their friendships when other aspects of their life might be under strain.

If you would like to support our hardship assistance programme, please Make a Gift, or contact us for more information.