Give Your Time

College is fortunate to enjoy support from Guild members, parents and friends who generously gift their time, energy and expertise. There are many ways in which your input could make a difference to College as a whole, or to individual girls who are looking ahead.


The Professional Guidance Centre (PGC) aims to help our girls make informed choices about their future, and to prepare them for the challenges of working in today’s fast-changing, high-tech and competitive global market. However, our information needs to be current and appropriate to the aspirations of focused and ambitious young women, which is why your recent experience of a university, or a profession, industry or sector is so valuable.

We are enormously grateful to the many Guild members, parents and friends of College who support PGC every year, whether by attending our in-person networking events, conducting mock interviews, mentoring, providing practical work experience to individual students, or participating in webinars.

Further information about Professional Guidance is available on the main CLC website. If you would be interested to learn more about volunteering with the PGC, please contact us.

Make a Connection

Guild Members can use CLC Connect to volunteer as a mentor to Guild members or current SFC pupils.


College is custodian to one of the world’s leading archives in girls’ education, as well as overseeing the rich history of our heritage-listed buildings and artefacts.

Throughout the year, College offers heritage tours for members of the public as well as specialist groups. These are made possible by the willingness of a trained group of volunteers to assist us in hosting them. 

Looking after our collection is another aspect of Archive work, as well as responding to the many requests received each year from academic institutions or historians from around the world. If you are interested in finding out more about the Archive and how you might be able to assist, please contact us.


There may be other areas of College life in which you would like to play a part. We would be delighted to have a conversation.