A Gift In Your Will

Whether you know College as a past pupil, teacher or parent, being involved in today’s community is stimulating and rewarding. Irrespective of the intervening years since leaving, you still belong here. At the heart of today’s school are the girls and their teachers who work with creativity and flair, embracing innovation. Theirs is a collaboration, each guiding and learning from the other.

College’s pioneering tradition in the education of young women is well documented. In its early years Miss Beale’s inspirational leadership prompted women in our community to venture across the world to establish schools in our image. Even then, when there were definite views on the subjects a young woman might study, restrictions were not imposed. Science, Geography, and even Maths were integral to the teaching here at CLC and this was not the norm in the 1850s.

Today, in whatever capacity it is you cross our heritage-listed threshold, that same spirit lives on. The girls are encouraged to embrace our pioneering heritage through challenge and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. We support modern theories on learning and are guided by the girls on the lives they want to lead in the 21st century.  In tandem, there is a recognition that the gift of such a high quality education is not available to all, and the community spirit is to give back and to support those in less fortunate circumstances.

We want as many girls as possible who have the potential, to experience innovative teaching, to take the stage in the Parabola Arts Centre, to find the exercise that suits them at the Health & Fitness Centre, to attend Prayers in The Princess Hall, to walk along the Marble Corridor, to enjoy buns in the Milky Way!  Whilst all the time maintaining our historic buildings and continuing to upgrade College facilities to keep pace with technological and curricular advances.  

Our ambition is to make a CLC education available to more deserving girls through our means tested bursary scheme, and through support to families who fall on financial hardship while their daughter is at College.

If you decide to make a gift in your will, regardless of its size, you will support a like-minded community dedicated to the education of young women, who enjoy their academic interests and who are determined to earn their place and make a contribution in the 21st century.

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Cheltenham Ladies’ College is a registered charity, number 311722.