CLC Flourish represents our ambition for the 21st Century: investing in women of the future, on a scale that our founders would recognise and appreciate.

For 170 years, Cheltenham Ladies' College has paved the way for young women to take their place in the world, redefining girls’ education and forging a reputation for academic excellence that has spread across the globe.  Our success has been measured by the young women who have defied the norm, achieved beyond expectation, and enjoyed fulfilment in their adult lives.

CLC Flourish is a long-term fundraising plan that responds to this vision and identifies how we might strengthen College’s position with the help of our friends and supporters.

Recently completed projects such as the Health & Fitness Centre make a persuasive case. Our plans for the future, which include an ambitious expansion of our bursary programme, the Beale Awards, and development of Science and Technology provision, are equally compelling. 

I'm able to testify to just how transformational an education at College has been and can be to somebody's life. I was here myself as a student for Sixth Form with the benefit of fee assistance and I can honestly say that it changed the course of the rest of my life.
Eve Jardine-Young
Hear from our community...
Being awarded a scholarship and bursary to CLC quite simply changed my life. I will forever be in the debt of College and the kindness and generosity of its community and donors.
Alumna & Beale Award recipient
I absolutely loved my time in College and wanted to pay it forward so that future CLC girls can benefit from the incredible support and network, and make lots of happy memories that will stay with them forever.
CLC Guild member and donor
This fund is so vital. It will form a legacy for so many other students who otherwise wouldn't get the chance. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity this afforded me, so I feel the least I can do is pass it on as a token of my gratitude.
Alumna & Beale Award recipient
With everyone’s help, this fantastic school could be even more accessible, and more girls would be able to take up the place that they richly deserve.
Staff donor
I would like to encourage everyone to support the Awards if they can... the opportunity of two (or more) years at CLC is the best possible preparation for adult life.
Alumna and Beale Award recipient