Sahaj (Class of 2014, St Clare/Bayshill) received a bursary when she entered College in 2007 and remained with us for seven years.

She has recently graduated in Medicine from King’s College, Cambridge. 

“CLC gave me the drive and determination that is at the core of my success now. It taught me to aim even higher than my horizons, something I will forever be grateful for. I developed skills, a love of learning, and a philosophy that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

I feel empowered as a woman, confident that my voice is worth just as much as my male counterparts, and I cannot articulate how important this has been to me since I left College.

I truly feel that I would not be the same person, had I not been given the life changing opportunity of going to CLC with the help of a Beale Award.”

November 2020