Abi (Class of 2020, Elizabeth) received a bursary for the Sixth Form in 2018.

Abi’s senior school in East London offered education up to the age of 16. After considering her options for Sixth Form, she instigated her own application to Cheltenham Ladies’ College, where her flair as a leader with a strong sense of community became apparent. She made a compelling caller as part of the Flourish Telephone Campaign, speaking passionately and eloquently about her time at CLC and in particular the Beale Award programme. Abi achieved exceptional results at A Level and has gone on to study Physics at Imperial College.

“I had a near fully-funded place at CLC, which was frankly life-changing for me. It enabled me to pursue all the subjects that I wanted to study at A Level and gave me a much wider choice when looking at universities.

Being at CLC gave me so many experiences that really enriched my time there. From dabbling in technical theatre for the InterSoc event, to visiting CERN and getting a glimpse of what working in the particle physics industry would be like. I also got to experience a much wider range of cultures, which in turn helped me discover and develop my identity.

I feel strongly that girls' education, especially for those of minority backgrounds, is increasingly important as society calls for more women to work in STEM and leadership roles.  The Beale Award has made it possible for me to aim high and to fulfil my ambitions.  It also allowed me to study in an amazingly diverse environment at College, and I’ve seen first-hand that the bursary programme really does enrich the classroom experience for everyone.

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported CLC’s bursary programme, investing in my future, and the future of many girls like me.”