Olivia (St Hilda’s) did her GCSEs at The Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.  She has a Sixth Form bursary to study at CLC.

“ My two years spent at Cheltenham Ladies’ College (CLC) have helped me understand the mind-set I need to adopt in order to work, thrive and succeed in a competitive environment.

I am studying Maths, Computer Science and Spanish at A Level, with the intention to acquire a degree in Artificial Intelligence. I chose these subjects particularly to complement my interest in communication and compilation. CLC has enabled me to explore these subjects further given the abundance of resources and different series of seminars.

CLC has also given me opportunities to test my limits.  I have successfully applied to become Prefect and Captain of the U18 1st Netball Team – leadership roles I am proud of, especially given the fact that I have only attended College for 2 years. Being a recipient of the Beale Award has given me the encouragement to acquire new skills, and explore an ambitious world where I am free to showcase my real character.”