Health & Fitness Centre


On 24th June 2017 College hosted a Gala Dinner at Stowell Park, Gloucestershire, in support of this project.  The event was a great success and raised £125,000 for the project.  For details and photos please click here.

We are now offering the opportunity to Buy a Tile on the Terrace of the Health and Fitness Centre.

If you would like a tour of the new facilities or to discuss supporting a space or equipment for the gym, please contact Sian Morgan, Director of Partnerships and Principal Gifts ( )

Supporting the overall health and sustained wellbeing of the girls is central to our vision for the enhancement of our current facilities. Our ambitions relate to raising both participation and performance. 

It is our primary aim that all girls at College, regardless of ability, find at least one sport or form of exercise which they recognise enhances their long-term health and wellbeing and encourages lifelong participation in physical activity. 

Secondly, we want to ensure that our facilities enable our elite sportswomen and those with exceptional talent to maximise their potential, as we do in music, drama and art.

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Health and Fitness centre brochure.

Images of what the new facilities will look like. 

See how the building work is progressing currently.


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