About PGC

The Professional Guidance Centre (PGC) aims to prepare our girls for the challenges of working in today's fast-changing, high-tech and competitive global market. Our key objective is to prepare the girls to make informed choices and emboldened decisions through their College lives and beyond.

The PGC objectives are firmly connected to the College vision of embodying excellence, independence, inspiration and empowerment in the education of women, as well as the College mission to support and guide girls in becoming self-determining, fulfilled and resilient women who value, serve and enrich the communities to which they belong in a complex and changing world.


We set about achieving these aims through a very extensive series of events and provision for the girls from LC1 through to SFC2.

Events include: the LC3 careers networking tea; the three annual networking dinners for UC5 and SFC girls; the 'What’s Next' Careers and Higher Education day for the SFC1s; the LC2 Parents' Society PGC supper (a new venture for 2019); mock university interviews for SFC2s; the Law day; and the UC5 post-GCSE work visit scheme, to name but a few.

We also host an extensive range of after-school and lunchtime careers and university talks throughout the year. We strongly believe that the best way of introducing the girls to the world of work is to introduce them to people actually doing these exciting careers.

We are enormously grateful to the many Guild members, parents and friends of College who support the PGC every year, whether through offering the girls mentoring or work experience, coming into College to talk to a group of girls, or attending one of our many careers events such as the networking dinners.

Opportunities to volunteer

If you would be interested in getting involved and supporting the girls as they make these key decisions we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with the Head of the PGC, Dr Victoria Sherwood, via our online enquiry form.