CLC Connect "Make a connection"

Have you signed up to CLC Connect?

CLC Connect is our Community platform launched this summer, one of the key features is ‘Make a connection’, the online mentoring programme.

We need your help!  Can you sign up to be a mentor to Guild members or current SFC pupils at College?

You are in control, you can choose what information you share in your mentoring profile, how many mentees you wish to have and the way in which you are willing to connect.

Mentoring is not only beneficial to mentees but to mentors too……

  • Sense of satisfaction – sharing your knowledge, skills and experience can have a real impact on the lives of Guild members and CLC pupils and help you to gain an understanding of the value of what you have to offer
  • New perspectives – you will get to view and understand things from the point of view of your mentee, you are likely to learn things yourself!
  • Networking and relationships – many mentors/mentees continue their relationship and connection long after their formal programme has completed
  • Developing communication and leadership skills - you will be able to practise your verbal and written communication skills and also supporting others to make effective decisions and take action are important principles in leadership

To sign up go to CLC Connect and join one (or both!) of the programmes.

For more information or to help in any way please contact Mrs Heather Eggelton