Regular Giving

We are delighted to share details of this year’s regular giving campaign. Each year we select a few priority areas to support within College and the funds raised are spent during the year, thereby having an immediate and tangible impact on today’s pupils.

At the CLC London Drinks earlier this year, the Principal spoke on ‘Educating in uncertain times’. College constantly examines the challenges of preparing our pupils to navigate and shape an uncertain, complex and changing world, balancing the benefits of rigorous traditional education with nurturing each individual’s compassion and creativity.

Our projects for 2019 reflect this important balance, ranging from responsible conservation of our inspirational heritage buildings to equipping College with Smart TV displays and new compound microscopes so that pupils can share information and ideas in classrooms of the future.

The Beale Awards programme remains extremely important to College. Support of this fund will help us extend the benefits of a CLC education to the brightest and most promising girls, regardless of their circumstances. This year 61 girls hold Beale Awards, and are sharing their academic ability, character and determination to flourish with the whole College community.  

Thank you for your continued interest in CLC Flourish. Together we will enable College to set new standards for girl’s education and continue to define women of the future.

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