Case Studies

Each year College spends over £1 million to provide bursaries to motivated and talented girls enabling them to be educated at College. In 2017-18, £1.58 million enabled 63 girls to attend College. Of these, 18 were fully funded.


Xara (2016, Elizabeth) received a bursary for the Sixth Form in 2014.

At College she was a Prefect, ran the Junior Creative Writing Club and founded the Feminism Society. Xara is currently studying Modern Literature and Culture at the University of Virginia, where she is a Jefferson Scholar, Historian for the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, a research assistant investigating communication in autism and runs a programme for riding therapy.

"My time at College is a collage of awe-inspiring moments that have framed the person I am today. Whether it was meeting Margaret Atwood or listening to a significant feminist such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, College creates an environment for dreamers to realise that their dreams can become a reality. My teachers helped me to recognise that my ideas and passions were fuelled by my interdisciplinary approach, which they advised would flourish in a liberal arts setting such as an American university. Were it not for CLC, I don’t think I would have applied for the Jefferson Scholarship, which made it possible for me to attend university in the United States. Receiving the Beale Award and the Jefferson Scholarship have been life changing and allowed me to achieve my aspirations.

College taught me never to hold back and to grasp every opportunity I am offered. It also made me realise that in order to be a worthy member of any community, one’s own contribution is what encourages that community to thrive. This knowledge is something I apply to my voluntary work with a therapeutic riding programme where the importance of making a difference to someone else’s life is what truly matters.

I am grateful to College for so many things but above all, I am so thankful for the support of the staff, and CLC's greater community, who helped me time and again to recognise the potential within myself that often I didn’t even know I possessed."

US Talk by Xara Davies