The Bellis Committee

The Bellis Committee was formed in 2015 and is a group of volunteers, its primary purpose being to encourage membership of Bellis and to support the work of the Development Office and its legacy programme.  Originally chaired by Jo Homfray, the Committee is now led by Carolyn Dodwell with the assistance of six other Bellis members. 

We are delighted and grateful for the support of the following Committee members:

Chairman: Carolyn Dodwell (Roberson), 1977, St Hilda’s and Fauconberg

Sol Green, 1984, Bunwell and Elizabeth

Fenella Haddock, 1973, St Clare and Bayshill

Jo Homfray (parent of Ginny, 2005, St Margaret’s and Beale)

Carolyn Kirby (Treharne Jones), 1971, Farnley Lodge

Jessica Lazar, 2005, Sidney Lodge and St Hilda’s

Margie Leigh, 1963, St Margaret’s and Fauconberg